Whether it’s corporate, conference-style or community-based events you’re looking for – we deliver the goods.

Ladies who Launch

Founded in 2018, Ladies who Launch came from the need to connect like-minded women in a way that was empowering, inspiring and more engaging than traditional networking.

Since we’ve started, there has been over 30 events, we have met over 350 ladies and we have learned from over 25 panelist speakers. 

Ladies who L(a)unch aims to connect like-minded ladies in the KW community for a lunchtime hour full of inspiring stories from those who have travelled the road before you. With a set of curated questions, our speakers join us for the house to educate, motivate and answer anything around the weekly selected topic. This event stands out from other networking events of its kind because we’re taking on community building through curated storytelling.


Corporate events

Breakfast sessions, Lunch n learns or afterwork gatherings are our specialty. 

Team Empowerment

Understand the needs of your employees and we can do the rest. We run team empowerment sessions, geared towards motivation, self-care, and work life balance.


These 3, 4 or 6 week event series aims to educate your team members on topics specific to their everyday lives. We bring in the experts and cover topics as wide or specific as needed.


We believe in the power of storytelling. Sometimes, you can’t just learn something – you need to hear experience from someone else. Events with panelist speakers are a great way to get your questions answered!

Customized Networking

Our goal is to connect like-minded members of your team to grow together – but without the stuffiness of traditional networking.

All you really need to say is 'Go'

We do all the heavy-lifting, you just need to tell us the day and time.