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Contributing GRWTH to the community

Building roots in a community like Kitchener-Waterloo wasn’t something I necessarily dreamt of as a young adult. Growing up in the region, my parents weren’t fond of downtown Kitchener when my friends and I asked to be dropped off at an all-ages event or local party. Abandoned factories and homelessness suffocated the idea of a safe environment for teenagers to hang out in and there weren’t many other attractions to attend to.

The stigma of the downtown core still lingers today for those who have lived in the region longer than a decade, but with the help of local startups, coffee shops and condo buildings – we are making our way to a cleaner, safer and smarter downtown core. With programs in place to help displaced homeless and public efforts to keep amenities such as soup kitchens and shelters nearby, we are beginning to see the gentrification of DTK while holding it’s true core values for those who have lived here long before the cranes moved in. 

The focus on community is exactly what GRWTH agency is built on. Our core values align with those of this city and aim to help not just the individuals and their companies make an impact, but to help them grow something substantial in the region. With the shift of gen X to gen Y comes the decentralized jobs that we (millenials) have created for ourselves. From freelancing to small businesses, we have more opportunity and open doors than ever before – with the help of resources in our community. At GRWTH agency, we are always offering a hand-up to other young-entrepreneurs to grow the job opportunities and small businesses in the downtown core. 

We welcome newcomers and small business owners with open doors here – because they are the ones that make up our downtown community and continue to instil the values. 

If you work with GRWTH agency, here’s what you can expect: 


We educate first and work later. Rather than focusing on vanity metrics, we value quality work over quantity, and we want our clients to understand why. Growing a business is tough, resources are slim and marketing is the last on the list of budgeted expenses. 

We rather be on the same page with our clients, have an open circle of trust when it comes to decision making and in the end, exceed expectations because we have the flexibility to do so. You wouldn’t hire an interior designer to do exactly what they’re told, or you wouldn’t need to hire them for their eye for design and attention to detail. We feel the same. We are marketers, we live, breathe, eat and sleep marketing. Whether it’s traditional, digital or the latest trend – we’re here to inform you about the activities your business needs – and execute them at the highest level of in-house expertise. 


Let’s be serious, drawing in the lines is boring and often times inefficient. Don’t get us wrong, we listen great, we do amazing work, but we will challenge you. We will introduce best practices, creativity and strategy to everything we do, but sometimes it takes an outsider’s perspective to get the most results. Whether it’s implementing a webinar strategy, trying live video for the first time (scary, we know) or dropping a social media channel because of its lack of results – we aren’t afraid to tell you what we feel is best for your business. 

We don’t just want to close a sale, finish a project and say goodbye, we are truly invested in the companies we work with. We are invested in the mission and goals of each client and we will always (we mean always) find a way to wow you. We want to build long-term relationships with small and medium sized businesses in our community so we can help it flourish just as much as you want it to. 

Grab your next coffee on us, as we’d love to chat everything marketing, downtown community – and more importantly, how to keep it flourishing. 

Brooklynn founded GRWTH agency in 2016 and has worked with more than a dozen different brands along the way. To get in touch, visit their website www.grwthagency.co or email hello@grwthagency.co directly.  
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