Welcome to The Beverly Collective Lifestyle series.

This series is aimed to support entrepreneurs and career driven individuals across all industries and all backgrounds. It’s an open forum for conversation, key learnings, and mistakes! We open up our blog to anyone who wants to contribute if it follows three simple guidelines:  

ONE: No BS Policy

The first step of any type of marketing is knowing your audience and where they are. The same goes for this blog series. We love to support lady entrepreneurs and go-getters, but we are not an advertising platform. Whether you have an event, business, or product you need to sell – that’s great! But we don’t offer it in our blog series, DM us for further details on how we can help. Our blog series is meant to hone into the power of storytelling and knowledge acquired from your own experiences, so whether you’re writing about how you learned to hire your first employee or tools you’ve discovered to help you be a prod

TWO: ‘Give more than you take’

Generosity is what drives a healthy and thriving society. Yes, I need to charge a fee to make a living in this chaotic world, but what you get in return will be much more than what’s laid out on your contract. My #1 rule is to ‘give more than you take’, and I standby it in business, just as much as I do in my personal life. Why? I’m passionate about what I do. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t bother helping clients reach millions on a daily basis. Secondly, I believe in quality, and in doing so, the results speak for themselves. You can see monthly, weekly, even daily reports showing you the progress of your online presence, but it’s the feedback, referrals, and increase in revenue you will notice before any graph or chart tells you how good the services are, and that can only come from one thing – quality.

THREE: Comfort is in the numbers

Ya, ya, I know what I just said earlier about the reports not mattering, but I’m a data junkie. For those of you who say social marketing is 1) a waste of time and 2) difficult to prove ROI, I’d love to help you show them wrong. There are so so many analytical tools available to measure, track, listen, and optimize online marketing efforts, and luckily for you – I know just the ones!

We will have weekly blog posts going out to help educate others through our own learnings and bosses in our community! 

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