Brooke Boyer

I am first and foremost a marketer. The Beverly Collective came from the need to work with various freelancers and contract positions without the overhead of employees. What I soon realized was that I wasn't only benefiting myself, I was benefiting my clients and the people passionate about the work they do. I act as your project manager, making sure that everything goes out under your brand has final touches and seamless exposure.


It’s what I do best. I’ve been in digital marketing and social media for almost 10 years. I constantly am researching, updating and following trends to offer the latest and greatest when it comes to digital marketing, advertising, social media and more.

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I started Ladies who Launch KW out of the need to educate and connect like-minded women without the stuffiness and mundane processes of traditional networking events. From there, I’ve grown into corporate and team events that do the same thing but privately for your team!

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I’ve trained teams big and small in all things marketing and sales. Whether it’s strategy implementation, alignment among teams or training in a new field – I’m brining in-person training online at an affordable price. 

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What is a Collective?

Similar to an agency style model, a marketing collective works with difference freelance and local talent contractors to get a project done. Whether it’s ongoing objectives or a one-off project, The Beverly Collective currently works with up to 15 different freelancers and contract workers. The benefit to you? You only work with one person. Every project gets split up to bite size tasks and handed off to those who know how to do it best. When the task is completed it comes back to the project manager if you will, and pulled into a seamless and beautiful piece of marketing output.

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What I blog about

Business Lifestyle

Long gone are the days of work-life balance, entrepreneurs have incorporated what they love to do into their everyday lives! But how can you find balance among healthy living and a healthy business? This is what our lifestyle blog aims to help entrepreneurs, side hustlers and business people alike!