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The Beverly Collective came from the need to work with various freelancers and contract positions without the overhead of employees. What I soon realized was that I wasn’t only benefiting myself, I was benefiting my clients and the people passionate about the work they do. I act as your project manager, making sure that everything goes out under your brand has final touches and seamless exposure.



What is a collective?

Similar to an agency style model, a marketing collective works with difference freelance and local talent contractors to get a project done. Whether it’s ongoing objectives or a one-off project, The Beverly Collective currently works with up to 15 different freelancers and contract workers. The benefit to you? You only work with one person. Every project gets split up to bite size tasks and handed off to those who know how to do it best. When the task is completed it comes back to the project manager if you will, and pulled into a seamless and beautiful piece of marketing output.

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